Progress Quest


由于技术的最新进展,它已经可以在您的浏览器中运行。 您不再需要下载 或安装任何东西来玩本游戏,只需按下下面的开始按钮:

Does that sound easy to you? Well it wasn't; we started with hardware emulation of a 80386-equipped PC clone running a novel Windows XP compatable operating system called ProgrOS, implemented in a clean room in the Seychelles by a team of people who had never programmed before (to keep the lawyers at bay).

Unfortuantely that wan't fast enough (there was too much lag death), so we instead emulated the much faster Cray-2 supercomputer and ran the 80386 emulator in that. But the 80386 kept getting hot, so we switched to a 6502 overclocked at 120GHz with emulated liquid helium coolant, and ported ProgrOS to that.

Between you, me, and that talking pony over there, this is pretty much beta software at this point. Browser support breakdown:

Chrome, Firefox, Safari 王牌! 效果很好!(我们这样认为!)
Opera, Mobile Safari, Internet Explorer Some visual glitches. Should play fine.

This edition of the game is only single player - there is no Hall of Fame yet. If anyone cares, that will come later.

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