Mine Defense

Version 0.XX

Gold: 0

Tool: Hands (1)

Wall: None

Gold Per Second: 0

Loading Mine Defense...

Mine Defense Stats


Total Time: 0

Total Gold: 0

Total Mana: 0

Total Gems: 0

Manual Clicks: 0

Automatic Clicks: 0

Treasures Found: 0

Market Trades: 0

Total Food: 0

Total Dirt: 0

Total Stone: 0

Total Coal: 0

Total Iron: 0

Total Steel: 0

Total Adamantium: 0

Total Traps Bought: 0

Total Lures Bought: 0

Wall Fortifications: 0

Goblins Killed: 0

Spiders Killed: 0

Goblins Sacrificed: 0

Campaigns Won: 0

Soldiers Lost: 0

Total Imbuements: 0

Total Non-Ant Hirelings: 0

Total Industry Level: 0

Total Fire Essence: 0

Total Water Essence: 0

Total Earth Essence: 0

Total Lightning Essence: 0

Total Spirit Essence: 0

Highest Dragon Level: 0

Dragons Sacrificed: 0


Upgrades Bought: 0

Upgrades Remaining: 0

Mage Upgrades

Upgrades Bought: 0

Mage Deployment

Current Mage Power: 0%

Mages Fighting: 0

0 mages dealing 0 damage.

Mages Meditating: 0

0 mages meditating to produce 0 mana per second.

Mages Delving: 0

0 mages delving to produce 0 mana per second.

Number to Move:


Mana: 0 (next after 1 goblin)

Hireling Imbuement

Dark Mages can gift your workers with unnatural abilities. But the energy costs are great. And this mine is beginning to feel a little dark.

- 1 level per click.

Oracle of Wisdom

You have entered the dwelling of the oracle of wisdom. Listen carefully, and your path shall be made clear.

"It is rumored that mages of great power can be hired... but you lack gold."


Alchemist's Potential: 0%

Total Alchemists: 0


Each recipe represents an equivalent exchange between two resources. However only a certain amount can be converted at once, you can increase this conversion rate by allocating alchemists to a given task. Additionally, alchemists that are not achieving their potential convert fewer resources.

Reactant Product Ratio Alchemists Working
Number to Move:



Dreary Gems: 0
Murky Gems: 0
Cracked Gems: 0
Flawed Gems: 0
Normal Gems: 0
Great Gems: 0
Flawless Gems: 0
Exceptional Gems: 0
Perfect Gems: 0
Majestic Gems: 0
Number to Combine/Break:
Combine Up To:

Pickaxe Sockets

Socket 1
Socket 2
Socket 3

Industrial District


Military Campaigns

You have spent long enough sitting back and suffering relentless invasion. It is time to strike back - but be warned, you may be kicking the hornet's nest.

Enemy Strength: 1

Available Soldiers: 1

Army Strength: 1 (Training Level - 1)

Campaign Results

No campaigns have been launched.

Campaigns Won: 0

Upgrade Cost: 1000 Food

Food After Upgrade: 1000 Food

Machine Shop

The technological age has begun to dawn in your kingdom, and with a little bit of magic, your mechanists believe they can make some of your servants a tad more obsolete.

You can automatically build up to 1 mechanical servant each second.


A skeleton of adamantium, a heart and soul of gem-bound magic, a body of water, and just enough flame to deal some damage.


A skeleton of adamantium, a heart and soul of gem-bound magic, a body of water, and fire and earth to practice their trade.


A skeleton of adamantium, a heart and soul of gem-bound magic, a body of water, and a deep knowledge of the elements for their science.


No Dragon

You don't have a dragon. And everyone should have a dragon... also, how are you on this page? It doesn't unlock until you have a dragon. Dirty hacker.

Dragons also have an active effect only while you have that dragon.

Your dragon is level 0. That's kind of sad. I bet the other dragons make fun of it.

Feed Your Dragon

Your dragon can be fed any kind of essence. Once you select one, you will not be able to choose again. Choose wisely.


Total Spirit Essence: 0


You can allocate your spirit essence to any of the following resource categories. For each spirit essence in a category, you will gain 10% more resources in that category.

Resources Essence Allocated
Basic (Gold/Mana) 0 (Boosting resource gain by 0%)
Gems 0 (Boosting resource gain by 0%)
Raw Materials 0 (Boosting resource gain by 0%)
Rare Materials 0 (Boosting resource gain by 0%)
Hirelings 0 (Boosting resource gain by 0%)
Essence 0 (Boosting resource gain by 0%)
Number to Move:

The Golden Well

Your Arcaneum is level 0 so each essence provides a 10% multiplier.

Export Code



Gem Sales

For Hire




Upgrade Shop

You can not begin construction at the moment - your craftsmen are busy!

Your craftsmen can prepare this land for construction at a cost of 100K dirt per pixel. Be warned, however, that they will not be able to repair your wall while they are working.

Now that the land is prepared, you can begin construction on it. Below is a list of available structures and their prices.

While this dialog is open, you can select two buildings to swap their positions at a cost of 5 Neurochrysalises. To do this, while this dialog is open, simply click on the buildings you would like to swap, and the text below will change accordingly. You may have to move this dialog to see them.

Building 1: None

Building 2: None

Select a gem from the list below - your gems will automatically be combined to form the selected gem. Note that the auto-smithy only combines gems, it cannot break them.

Smithy Power: 10 gems/second

Upgrade Cost: 10M Dirt


Combinations Limit: 0

Set Limit:

Your rock golems slave away in the hot sun deep in the quarry. Keep checking back, perhaps they'll find something.

You found something!

A large mound of rock sits plainly in a fenced compound. Have you considered adding some gold?

Wyvern Boost: 1 times Gold Per Second

Mages bustle about, speaking softly to each other, and a magical aura seems to emanate from deep within.

Mage Wisdom Level: 0

Mana Multiplier: 1

You have decided to begin building an empire, and statues are a good way to remind the people who is in charge. If you build them across the land and send people to collect, you are bound to earn great riches.

Upgrade Cost: 10K Iron

A dark place where nightmarish goblins toil day and night over vats of hot metal.

Your smelting pit has a chance of producing 1 adamantium.

Upgrade Cost: 1B Stone

A bustling market filled with exotic food and rare minerals. You can trade various resources here, but be warned, prices change often and they aren't always fair! Click the buttons to trade!

New merchants with new prices will arrive in 0 seconds!

Trade Amount:

The center of life in your kingdom.

Population: 1

Upgrading your habitation allows more people to take up residence in your Kingdom. Beware, however, that they will die if you don't have sufficient food.

Upgrade Cost: 5K Steel

New Homes:

If your population gets too high, you might not be able to feed them all. As a leader you may have to make the hard decision of sending them into exile.

Number to Exile:

A bustling field growing a strange blue fruit.

Harvest Data: 50 food every 60 seconds

Upgrade Cost: 10 Steel

You're not sure how much work it will take to whip your people into a fighting force, but you have to start somewhere.

The halls of higher learning glow with the furthering of civilization.

Education Level: 0

Average Market Boost: 0

Essence Multiplier: 0

You can send people to be scholars - the more scholars you have the more you will discover. However, each new group you send will require one adamantium for tuition.


An uncomfortable heat hangs over the ground, and a gruff, solid man grunts at you to say what you need.

A bustling field growing a strange blue fruit. Occasionally you find a few sprigs of flax as well.

Harvest Data: 50 food every 60 seconds

Upgrade Cost: 10 Steel

A bustling field growing a strange blue fruit. For some reason this farm produces slightly more flax.

Harvest Data: 50 food every 60 seconds

Upgrade Cost: 10 Steel

A team of skilled craftsmen make bowstrings to send out your bravest men and women to hunt dragons. You can now hire them, but they don't come cheap!

Upgrade Cost: 100 Flax

Fire swirls around the central orb in front of a bone white sculpture radiating power. Your mages seem to be tapping into it somehow...

Fire Essence: 0

Upgrade Cost: 100 Dragonscale

A flurry of activity fills the halls as scores of accountants attempt to keep track of all the resources coming from such odd sources.

Data Refresh: Seconds
Data Display: Seconds

Collecting data...

A whirling vortex of water fills the dark orb in front of the statue. The air around it feels cold, and... moist. Your alchemists spend an unusual amount of time near it...

Water Essence: 0

Upgrade Cost: 100 Dragonscale

Whirring gears and clanging metal create a violent symphony for miles around your machine shop.

A quaking vortex of earth fills the orb in front of the statue. When you stand near it, you begin to understand the pickaxe in your hands on a new level.

Earth Essence: 0

Upgrade Cost: 100 Dragonscale

A somber field, wrapped in memory. Here your soldiers draw strength from memory and wish for revenge.

Your army strength is increased by 0% by memories of fallen comrades.

Blind revenge is disabled.

A flashing vortex of electricity fills the orb in front of the statue. You feel a desire for greater riches overwhelming you as you approach.

Lightning Essence: 0

Upgrade Cost: 100 Dragonscale

A large egg perches comically among the dirt and straw. What could possibly sleep within?

A massive rift to another dimensions pulses violently on a stone platform. All adult dragons have a desire to pass through...

Dragon Level: 0

Spirit Essence: 0

A looming library filled with ancient tomes and an aura of knowledge. It is said that one who masters these halls is bound by nothing.