The game uses local storage to save progress,
so it doesn't work properly in Incognito mode.
Dishwashing ▲
Restaurant menu
Tier up

This tab will show history of your restaurants.

All the unused food from your kitchen now goes to charity!
Every time you reach a breakpoint you can claim a reward for it.

Food donated to charity: -

Next breakpoint: -

Next reward: -

When you Prestige, you restart the game with a bonus to income.
Prestige Points increase your total income by 10% each.
(Hover/tap rainbow bars in the game for more info.)
Skill Points are used to buy skills (below).

For your first Prestige, it is good to get to about 10 Prestige Points,
but you can do it earlier if you want more action.

You'll lose all your money and dishes and gain 0 Prestige Points. The cooking costs will be reset. Continue?

🌟 Prestige Boosters
On prestige you'll get:  points
Total Prestige Points:  ⇒ 
Available Skill Points:  ⇒ 

Available Skill Points: 
Unlocked skills
Hello! My name is Alexander, but most people know me as 86com. I'm from Russia and I am the solo developer of this game. Hope you like it!

Triple choice
(Tier ups, etc.)

Whenever you get
2 options to choose from, you'll get
a third option too.

50 💎 Gems

You can spend gems on ingame purchases
on the right →

You have: 
0 💎
Buy 100 🔖 Coupons
Buy 1 🌟 Prestige Booster

Make delivery packages to improve your income.

Packages only work limited time.

You don't lose deliveries on Prestige.

You have: 📦 🎁

Delivery Duration

List of available dishes
Delivery current score: 

   (prestiges the game)

Import your gamestate from the text. Automatically prestiges the game, so this is not a valid way to get better luck.

Exporting the game will load it and then automatically prestige it once (to prevent potential exploits). Continue?

Hard reset

This is not the prestige system. You probably don't want to do this if you don't know what it means.

Please state the following (if applicable):
1. What's the problem?
2. What was expected instead? (if not obvious)
Your gamestate will be automatically attached to the report.
Include your email (or other contacts) if you want, otherwise I won't know how to contact you.
It is absolutely OK to send any kind of bug reports, even if by mistake.
Thank you for helping to make this game better!